The InfoWEB module allows a remote administration of the onscreen presentations through Internet.

InfoWEB is a client/server-Internet-application with a connection to the central database. The availability of system access for different users (i.e. user access rights) is determined by login. It is possible to specify different access rights for different users, e.g. administrator, ordinary user etc.

InfoWEB implements the following tasks using the Microsoft Internet Explorer (ActiveX components!):

  • Update of different media files (videos and images) via file upload function
  • Input of a single-line text moving on the screen, including images (Ticker)
  • Input of a static multi-line text that can be used as an alert in case of emergency and displayed in a full screen mode immediately
  • Input of a static multi-line text to display news, including images (also for background)

In addition, the following features are available:

  • user-free formatting and positioning of the content on the screen
  • color options for background - including transparent, semitransparent or opaque
  • content preview
  • input data checking
  • organizing/grouping text by topics
  • multilinguality
  • automatic data transfer
  • context-sensitive help

The InfoWEB module consists of 5 sub-modules: