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The phrase “A picture says more than thousand words” is a principle always used by advertising. This is a reason why until today billboards are one of the most popular advertising media.

But there is an improvement for an image: the movie!

Moving images cast a spell on people. No wonder that digital signage systems capture more and more our every-daily life.

In a station or on an airport: digital signage systems shorten the sensed waiting period and prevent effectively boredom.

Or in a shopping mall: displays at point of sales will be used as a new kind of product presentations.
Also advertising agencies now are using the new possibilities of this advertising platform, but they are just at the beginning to comprehend the possibilities of digital signage.

With such a general creative tool you cannot show only advertising spots – well-known from TV - no thanks to create a sensation with eye-catcher you will generate fascinating sights. Because of changing easily the content, the tool will be always up to date and surprisingly.

However, somebody who presents his products with this modern method will get a deciding competitive advantage and can save costs compared with creation of classical advertising media.

Whether using as brand advertising, product presentation, visitor guide- or entertainment-system – the billboard from tomorrow performs a lot more!

Our software product InfoPLAYOUT - together with the hardware (PCs and screens) – offers the digital signage solution for up-to-date multimedia presentations.

Beside the real information options InfoPLAYOUT provides a large variety of user-friendly options and allows thus to utilize the advantages of digital image processing to the fullest extent, dynamically and in a very diversified and professional way. We can ensure you that InfoPLAYOUT will help you to attract customers and increase interest in your products, which is one of the main reasons to use multimedia presentations at the first place.

The InfoPLAYOUT system has been developed in cooperation with the specialist on digital advertising from Germany and Switzerland. Interviews with businesses and users of digital advertising about their needs, desired features and problems that they encountered when using existing products, helped us to develop a product, which offers maximum flexibility in creation and management of the digital onscreen presentations.

As display units are becoming still cheaper and bigger, digital signage systems are used in many areas of our every-daily life. Information and/or advertising systems are utilized by service providers (hotels, banks, congress centers, airports, gas stations), professional advertising agencies, city/urban area developers; or during large scale public events such as business fairs (booth presentation) or exhibitions.

If you decide to purchase our product - the InfoPLAYOUT system - you will benefit not only from high flexibility and robustness that our system provides, but also from significant cost reduction, mainly thanks to the following advantages of our product:

- diversification into customized packages (InfoPLAYOUT Light, Standard and Professional, InfoPLAYLIST and InfoMEDIALIST)
- investment security because of generally possibility of upgrading InfoPLAYOUT system
- small staff requirements for the administration of the entire system
- manageable support by the system supplier during the operation period