InfoBASE (Ltd) is an independent German-Slovakian company, offering professional services in the field of information technologies.

During its existence, InfoBASE (Ltd) has been directed towards the following fields: - development of customer software  - maintenance of existing software  - implementation, advice and support in the field of informative systems  - development and implementation of web solutions

InfoBASE (Ltd) operates with a team of highly qualified and talented specialists capable and willing to work with great enthusiasm, aiming to fully meet requirements given by its clients.

Stability and success of the development of the firm is based on two important assumptions: - the quality, the speed and the size of the services and software solutions (InfoBASE (Ltd) is constantly improving these). - quality of the clients' portfolio.

In cooperation with specialists of the advertising branch we have evolved a software product named InfoPLAYOUT, that is a full integrated multimedia solution for On-Screen presentations.

Taking into account the present competition, InfoBASE (Ltd) believes that a good working relationship with its clients is important for providing quality services. If you are interested in our firm, please do not hesitate to contact us.