InfoDISTRIBUTOR is a module that guarantees the distribution of data throughout the entire system. Data distribution includes automatic transfers of the files from the central server to the final destination points, as well as data replications (data distribution among duplicated elements in the InfoPLAYOUT system, e.g. extra players or distribution servers).

InfoDISTRIBUTOR runs automatically and non-stop once the correct configuration is set. Afterwards, no additional assistance is necessary.

The InfoDISTRIBUTOR module is based on the network of distribution paths and allows thus to optimize the logistics of the entire system. If necessary (for backup), the duplicated elements in the system can be also used in the distribution network. Different transfer priorities are supported as well.

In addition, InfoDISTRIBUTOR automatically deletes old files to always maximize the disk capacity of the distribution servers and players. The old files are then archived on the central server.

The possibility to specify a time period for data distribution allows that data transfer takes place during the most convenient time for a user (e.g. during night).

During data transfer InfoDISTRIBUTOR creates log files that document each step of the data transfer process, including the status of the most recent transfer. These log files together with log files generated by the InfoPLAYER module are automatically sent to the central server.

In order to guarantee an effective and secure data transfer the FTP protocol is used. Simultaneous transfers of files - from one computer into several destinations - or data transfer replications are also possible. Data transfer process can be monitored online using InfoDISTRIBstatus application.