3/ What Does InfoPLAYOUT Provide?
– Robustness and Flexibility.

InfoPLAYOUT is a system based on the modular components, which provide robustness and flexibility to any user. Each module implements a precisely defined function to guarantee the maximum operation time for the onscreen presentations.

Using different modules, the system administrator can manage and control an onscreen presentation in the central network, and manage the media files and their distribution to the particular InfoPLAYER (player location).

Information and media can be easily updated online through Internet/Intranet according to the specified system access rights for different users.

The InfoPLAYOUT system contains 7 basic modules:

- Administrative tool: Creating, managing and controlling the presentations.

- Online information input and updating files through Internet.

- Setting configurations for all the system components (modules) and configurations for each distribution path into a particular physical location (particular InfoPLAYER) within the distribution network.

- Data distribution between the server and the player units (particular InfoPLAYER).

- Playback of the presentations on the display unit (TFT-, Plasma screen, etc.)

- Monitoring tool for the InfoPLAYOUT components.

-  Download and customizing tool for online sources, i.e. stocks information.tc.) can be created.